MSc Thesis report by Ruud Hesselink [] Keywords: landscape architecture, paludiculture, peat oxidation, raised bog ecosystem, ecosystem restoration, Landscape Machine, Bargerveen, Moor-Veenland The current agricultural land use and drainage of peatlands causes peat oxidation which results in CO2(-eq) emissions, soil subsidence, lowering of water- and soil quality and a lesser biodiversity. This degradation of peatlands […]


Relevant conclusions of the >>designing nature as infrastructure – symposium<<

>;>;designing nature as infrastructure – symposium<;<; technical university München November 29/30 2012 English grammar mistakes may still be present by Paul Roncken, Wageningen University How to Grow a Landscape and Who should Initiate such a Venture? It was a pleasant and insightful meeting in München and our hosts did everything to make it […]

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What is a landscape machine?

The definition of a Landscape Machine according to the first publication is threefold: (1) it is a productive landscape that clearly addresses an existent malfunction or disfunctionality related to landscape systems. An improved design to deal with this situation can be evaluated by the input-output ratio and quality of living system components. The ratio is […]

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