Landscape Machine ABC

A – Aim is to design a sublime and productive landscape (food, energy and pollution treatment by bio mechanical development).


B – Behavior of future Landscape Machines is described by the COOS acronym: “they are open systems with their own evolutionary autonomy […], they are confined inside a bounded space in which they develop their processes, they are ontic, maintaining their internal evolutionary memory which cannot be deleted because it obeys the arrow of the time” (Tiezzie 2011: 2901).


C- Conditions to be taken into account are: (1) development over time (> 20 yrs.), (2) abundance of production and social incentives for landscape engagement



thermodynamics and landscape machines

In the ‘essential reading‘ I have included a scan from the book by the Technical University of München,

containing the first paper on thermodynamics as a fundamental basis for landscape machines.

We will work on this paper to improve it for a journal publication. For now you can join

and respond to it, to help improve it.