New research into a 21st century sublime relevant to environmental and landscape design

Historisch gezien is het idee van het sublieme vaak geassocieerd met grootse en verbazingwekkende natuur. Dit promotieonderzoek baant zich een weg naar een 21e eeuws idee van het sublieme, waarbij meer dissonante fenomenen een plek krijgen zoals verstoring van ecosystemen en klimaatverandering. Het onderwerp van het sublieme staat nog steeds symbool voor een zekere onmacht wanneer men wordt geconfronteerd met ‘negatieve’ esthetische ervaringen. Landschapsontwerpen zouden in dit ongemak kunnen bemiddelen door een passend subliem repertoire. Maar dan zal ook beter verklaard moeten worden wat de sublieme ervaring precies is en inhoudt.

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Building the Future of Health

June 2  Time:10:00-11:00 Theme:#healthy cities Source: Building the Future of Health Serious Landscaping, Healthy landscapes, transforming experiences   During the nineteenth century it was debated whether ‘land’ could be described in terms of beauty or sublime, as these were words related to the experience of nature. It was then generally agreed that landscapes needed ‘that […]

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Landscape Machine CHECKLIST

Figure 2: An energy systems diagram of a hypothetical Landscape Machine described by making use of COOS – the key concepts of evolutionary thermodynamics described by Tiezzi. A set of interacting processes, energy and material flows that resemble functions and services performed by a hypothetical landscape machine. Processes, systems and connections among them have a […]

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Landscape Machine TYPOLOGY

Recent examples of landscape machines envisioned in the design laboratory at Wageningen University have revealed several types that clarify the diversity of living system design. Even while all designs reveal a site-consciousness, they differ in their productive aim and living system methods. production type, example see here waste treatment type, example see here system repair […]

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Relevant conclusions of the >>designing nature as infrastructure – symposium<<

>;>;designing nature as infrastructure – symposium<;<; technical university München November 29/30 2012 English grammar mistakes may still be present by Paul Roncken, Wageningen University How to Grow a Landscape and Who should Initiate such a Venture? It was a pleasant and insightful meeting in München and our hosts did everything to make it […]

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Ecosystems Under Stress

SENSE Symposium: Assessing the impact of chemical and physical disturbances on ecological processes and ecosystem structure This symposium welcomes poster and oral presentations that aim at assessing the impacts of chemical and physical disturbances directly or indirectly originated by humans on ecosystem integrity and eco­system function at different levels of biological organization and at multiple […]

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